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Weekly Updates


Take a look at what we've been up to each week! 

Spring 2021

Week 1&2

Hi everyone!
The children have settled back into preschool life smoothly and we have dived straight into our ‘Beanstalks, dragons and castles’ topic.
For the last two weeks we have been focusing on ‘Jack and the Beanstalk’.
ðŸŒąðŸŠīðŸŒąðŸŠīðŸŒąðŸŠī ðŸ‘ąðŸžðŸ‘ĩ🏞 ðŸŒąðŸŠīðŸŒąðŸŠīðŸŒąðŸŠīðŸŒą
We have been so busy! Take a look at what we have been up to.
Please read our curriculum overviews that have come out in book bags today, they Summarise our learning intentions for the Spring Term and I’m sure you will be interested to have a read.
We hope you are all well and wish you all a happy weekend. 😊
The Early Years Team

Week 3

Evening everyone!
Hope you’ve all day a good week. We certainly have at preschool.
We’ve loved Jim and the Beanstalk. ðŸŒą
ðŸ§Ū It has enabled us to focus on measuring again.
The children enjoyed making their own tape measures to measure their heads, mouths and eyes just like Jim did for the giant.
Thank you to the children who sent in measurements of their families too. We have used them to make a maths display. 😊
For our personal, social and emotional development we have been working on a kindness beanstalk. During circle time we have highlighted ways in which we have seen the children being kind to someone else. We share them with the group and stick them into our beanstalk. Such a lovely way to share positive behaviour within our setting.
On Tuesday we made beans on toast for snack. 😋 They older children helped to write a set of instructions to help us make our meal in the correct order.
We have also been busy making shakers using different materials that made different sounds.
The children have used the big bricks to build a castle to play in and today we finished off the week by creating magnificent stain glass castle windows for you all to see next week.
Next week we move onto a new story again called ‘The Egg’ ...... let’s just say we’re moving away from beanstalks and moving closer to 🐉 dragons !
See you all next week!
The Red Robins Team

Week 4 

Good evening everyone! 


What an ‘egg’citing week it’s been! ðŸĨš 


I’m sure many children have been talking about the egg that we found in our garden on Monday! We even found scorched marks on the ground that has made us suspect it could be a dragon egg! 


The children have been checking it each morning for signs of it hatching! They have been reading the egg stories and keeping it warm with a tea towel to help look after it just like George did after finding a humongous egg in his chicken shed. 


All of our learning has been based on eggs as you have probably guessed!


In maths we have been counting eggs each day. Then adding one, until we get to 10. Some children have been counting to 20! Which is fabulous. 


We’ve been making chocolate nests and decorating dragon eggs using shapes. 


On Thursday and Friday we made instructions on how to make scrambled eggs on toast for snack. It was very yummy and most of the children tasted even just a little bit before deciding if they liked it or not. 


We have continued with our kindness beanstalk and have all been playing cooperatively together during our play. 


Chinese New Year next week! ðŸąðŸœâ›ĐðŸ‡ĻðŸ‡ģ👘


Last week before half term too. 


Have a lovely weekend all 


The Red Robins Team ðŸ˜Š

Week 5


Week 5 and the first half of the spring term complete! 

We’ve been learning about Chinese New Year this week. The year of the OX 🐂

The children really enjoyed the story of ‘The Great Race’. Why not ask them if they can remember the 12 animals that took part in the race across the river? 
🐀 🐂 🐖 🐓 ðŸķ 🐈 🐉 🐎 🐐🐇🐒🐅

We’ve looked and talked about Chinese artifacts and have tasted Chinese noodles and prawn crackers. We’ve made lanterns, puppets and masks and even performed a stir fry dance after listening to ‘Dance with Justin’ On teach radio station. (This will be on streams soon for you to see!)

On Wednesday we managed to play outside for most of the morning in the lovely sunshine, it was still chilly cold but it’s given us a taste of warmer days ahead! ☀ïļ 
We did enjoy using salt to melt the ice faster 🧊 

ðŸŠīðŸŒđ- Amber our Amaryllis plant is growing so so quickly! The children have been caring for her over the last 5 weeks, moving her into sunny spots and giving her plenty of water. We are eagerly waiting for her to bloom! We’ve all been guessing what colour her petals might be! 

ðŸĨš- Our big blue egg hatched on Monday! The children were all rather excited that they were right about it being a dragon! We wrote a letter to Susan spotter at the St Giles science museum (AKA Mrs Neale, she has been pretending to be a Scottish dragonologist 😆ðŸĪ­)
Susan called us on the telephone and asked us to send her photos and write a letter about how we found the egg last week. This week we had a reply from Susan.

📚 We’ve been talking about our favourite book of the half term so far. The children have been encouraged through open ended questioning to tell us which one they liked listening to the best and why. 

This is going to be a focus of ours for after half term.

Take care and have fun ðŸĪĐ 

The Red Robins Team x

Week 6

Hi everyone! 

We hope you all had a restful half term break. It’s been lovely listening and reading about all of the lovely things everyone’s done over their week off. 

What a windy beginning to the week we had! ðŸ’Ļ🍃🌎 the sunshine has been gorgeous for last two days hasn’t it!  â˜€ïļ 😊 

We started a new story called ‘The Egg Box Dragon’ you should be able to view Mrs Neale reading it on Teams /streams, See link below!

We hope some of you have been able to acces the videos we have uploaded so far. 

We’ve been looking for signs of spring in our garden too. 

Check out the photos below, we’ve have a really lovely, busy week. 

🌎 📚 It’s world book day next Thursday 4th. We are just clarifying our plans with Miss smith and will let you know what you need do for that day. 

Your child’s Next Step assessments will be sent out at the beginning of next week, you can read them at home and arrange a chat or phone call to discuss your child’s progress and development if you should wish, there will be a slip to return in book bags.

Have a great weekend. It’s going to be a bright  one! ☀ïļ ⛅ïļðŸĪž

week 7

Good morning everyone! 

Another week has flown by hasn’t it!

We enjoyed the sunshine ☀ïļ
We managed to play outside for most of Monday and Tuesday. We even enjoyed story circle time in the sunshine too! It was lovely to get the balance paths out and the giant sand pit and water wall. 

🌎 We celebrated World Book Day on Thursday with some lovely story time activities and free play based around some of our favourite books. 

✍ïļ We made a cress diary after sowing some seeds on Monday. Then harvested the cress to add to our ‘egg Mayo’ sarnies on Wednesday mornings tea party!!

Why not visit our website gallery for some video clip links to our streams page. 

Next week we are going to share a new story called ‘George and the Dragon’. We will be learning to about knights and castles. We will be making shields and swords!! ⚔ïļ 

We hope you enjoy the sunshine today! See you all next week! 

The Red Robin’s Team!

Week 8

Good evening everyone! 

We hope you are well and have all had a pleasant week. 

This week we have welcomed back three of our Red Robin’s who have been home schooling with older brothers and sisters. It’s been lovely to see friendships reignite after a three months period away from each other. ðŸĪ—

We’ve been using bean bags and hoops to practice throwing at a target ðŸŽŊ we’ve been dancing with ribbons and have been using our bikes and scooters in the garden too. ☀ïļ 

We enjoyed reading ‘George and the Dragon’ this week and have loved pretending to be knights, princesses and dragons! ðŸ—ĄðŸ‘ļ🐉 through role play games. We even made a huge caste to play in on Thursday! 

In maths we have been singing counting songs during group time and have been focusing on counting by rote and matching number to quantity.

Next week we will be continuing with the knights, dragons and princess theme with a new story. 
We will also be learning about what real knights used to do in the ‘olden days’ and will be planning and holding our very own tournament! Watch... This....Space!! 


We hope you have a lovely weekend and Happy Mother’s Day for Sunday! 💐

The Red Robin’s Team 😊

Week 9



 ‘Happy Friday!’


I can proudly say that all of our little Robin’s have passed their tests at knight school this week! ðŸ°ðŸ—ĄðŸŽŊðŸīðŸĪī


It’s been lovely watching and listening to many of them playing knights and dragons during their free play. Lots of new words being used too. ( listen out for words like battle, amour, sword, shield, protect and Lance) 


We made hobby horses and cantered them around our garden, we had to clear jumps and avoid crashing into the other knights! 


We made some box targets to practice our aiming skills! Some children decided to make a fort/castle using the big blocks to hide behind. They have been using the Shields, swords and hobby horses for their games all week! 


Next week we are going to be focusing on castles themselves. Learning some new keywords like drawbridge, turret, portcullis, moat and flag. We will be watching some video footage of some real castles and then we will have a go at making our own castles using Duplo, little wooden bricks and junk boxes!! 


ðŸĪī ðŸ‘ļ👑 On Thursday we will be having a dress up day, where we will be performing a royal dance to the reception class who will then be performing for us! 

More info about that will be put in your child’s book bag if they are in on that Thursday. It’s all very very exciting!! 


Have a lovely restful weekend everyone. 


The Red Robin’s Team ðŸ˜Š 

Week 10


All things castles this week! 🏰 

We’ve been building castle shaped structures from bricks, duplo, stickle bricks and junk boxes. 

We’ve played with our new wooden small world castle and practiced aiming at our number target! ðŸŽŊ 

We’ve had some lovely stories based on castles. 

And we danced away all morning at our royal 👑 ball on Thursday! 

Lots of Easter fun ðŸĢ next week! 

The Red Robin’s Team 😊

Week 11

Well there we have it! Another term under our masks!!  (We mean belts 😊 😷 )

Thank you for your continued support during this term. It’s been a great term and as well as the children we have thoroughly enjoyed our dragons, castles and princesses topic which has now come to an end. We hope you all have a lovely Easter! ðŸĢ 

See you all next term, we are back on Tuesday 20th April. 

The Red Robin’s Team. 😊

Egg hunting ~ We bravely set off in search of Dragons