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Weekly Updates


Take a look at what we've been up to each week! 

Autumn 2021

Week 5

This week has been all things pigs! 🐷

The children have had so much fun retelling the story of The Three Little Pigs. We’ve used our own story maps, headbands, pig plates, puppets and masks to help us. We have definitely got some budding actors and actresses amongst the group! 

We have a new construction area with hard hats and tools βš’οΈ for the children to build their own houses for the pigs to hide in! 

We thought it would be nice fore the wolf to send the pigs a ‘Sorry’ card for blowing down their houses, because that was an unkind thing to do. 😒


In our Personal, social and emotional development we have being talking about what makes us special. We’ve been showing each other special things we can do, like touching our toes and balancing on one leg! 

We have also been talking about things that are precious to us and why. 




On Wednesday we watched some footage of the 2021 London marathon. One of our Red Robin’s had an uncle who ran on Sunday, so we decided to have our own little marathon in the big playground. Our legs were very tired!!!! 🀭


On Thursday we had a Zoom call from VET Rachel … we watched her on the big white board in Mrs Taylor and Mrs Neale’s classroom with the reception children. She showed us some models of ticks and fleas and also some bones!!  πŸ¦΄ 


In our maths we have continued to learn how to remember and sequence our actions. We’ve made play dough, decorated pig biscuits and made story boards. We have been remembering what we did first, second and third/ first, next and then. 

Number 3 has been our number of the week this week! 


On Friday afternoon with Mrs Taylor we used paints to print with straw, sticks and sponges to create lovely houses, we made wooden pig necklaces and learnt a new little pig rap using instruments 😎✌🏼. 


We learnt about heavy things and light things by playing a game of ‘can you puff!’ 
We talked about what would be good things to build with, heavy things or light things. 

More of The Three Little Pigs next week!! 


Have a lovely weekend everyone. 


The Early Years Team 😊

week 4

This week was brilliant! 

On Monday we had an exciting visit from Farmer James who delivered us some flour so we could bake bread just like the Little Red Hen! 

We watched ‘Come Outside‘-  Aunty Mable and Pippin find out how bread is made. See link below to watch again at home, the children really enjoyed it.😊 


On Tuesday afternoon we made Harvest vegetable soup with Mrs Neale and the reception children. We tasted it whilst listening to a lovely story called ‘Pumpkin soup’. 


On Wednesday we tasted the soup again with the bread we baked! It was soo yummy! Nearly everybody tired it and some polished off a few bowls! 


We had our stay and play session too which was lovely, we played with the farm outside on the decking in the sunshine. β˜€οΈ 


We have been learning number two this week. We’ve made swans 🦒 that look like the number 2, found two toys, and talked about what we have two of on our bodies.


We practiced drawing ‘C ‘ and ‘b’ In gloop and sand. We’ve also created sparkly glitter letters of our names.


For our personal, social and emotional development we shared a book called ‘Things I Like’. Which led us to some interesting conversations about things we like to do at home and things we like to eat! ☺️


This morning we shared a story called ‘Farmer Duck’. He was fed up of doing all of the jobs around the farm all by himself, so we decided to help him feed the animals their breakfast. We traveled around the garden with our buckets and watering cans, we fed the cows, horses and pigs and checked the hen house for eggs before given them some corn! 

Farmer Duck sent us a thank you letter in the post! 
So then we drew him a picture of what job we liked helping with the most!


This afternoon Mrs Taylor and the reception children came over to do some lovely activities with us. 

Mrs Taylor did a balloon experiment with the yeast we used to bake our bread. The water sugar and yeast started to react which made the balloons inflate without the puff from our mouth! Amazing! We created farm pictures of wheat growing in fields with forks and we used instruments to sing a cool Rap about the Little Red Hen!πŸ“ 😎 


Don’t forget Tempest photography are in on Monday morning. If it’s not your child’s usual day to come to preschool and you would like a photo of them (they make good Christmas gifts for family!) 
Then just come between 9:45am and 10am. 

Have a lovely weekend 

The Red Robin’s Team 😊

week 3

We’ve had such a lovely week this week. 


The children have thourourly enjoyed our story ‘The Little Red Hen’.
We’ve been busy making collage hens, maps and puppets to retell the story. 

On Monday we went for a walk to look for signs of Autumn πŸ‚ 

Yesterday the children made a map that would lead us to Little Red Hens bucket of grain that was hiding in the microwave of our outdoor mud kitchen!

During our adventures we had to climb over the climbing frame, crawl under the tyre, walk through the gate and climb into the boat. 



1️⃣ In our maths we have been focusing on the number one. 
We’ve watched number one numberblocks  on BBC iplayer, modelled dough to make number ones and made magic πŸͺ„ wands … because numbers are MAGIC!!!! 

On Wednesday we made apple crumble.

We took photos to sequence the steps so we could look back at them and remember what we did first, next, then. 🍎 

All of the children helped to chop the apples, wash the blackberries and rub the butter, sugar and flour together. 
It also tasted very yummy πŸ˜‹ 


πŸ”  We’ve been focusing on the letter sounds ‘rrrrr’ and ‘hhhh’

We’ve been on hunts to find items in our environment beginning with those letters, we’ve practiced drawing r and h in trays of sand and with paints on the tables! Messy fun! 

In our personal, social and emotional development we have been talking about ourselves and what we look like.
We looked at some artwork by Giuseppe Arcimboldo. He used fruits and vegetables to create interesting portraits, so we used the fruits and veg from our farm shop to create our own faces after looking in mirrors! 


Enjoy the rest of the weekend all

The Red Robin’s Team 😊 

Week 1&2Autumn Term 2021


Firstly welcome to our new mums and dads! 

We share a weekly update every Friday so that you can see what we’ve been up to during the week. 

It’s been so lovely to see the children return so confidently after a long summer break. They all seem so happy πŸ˜€ 

We have jumped straight into our first story of this terms topic ‘Rosie’s Walk’. 
Rosie takes a walk around  her farm, she is unaware of Mr Fox 🦊 following her! Mr Fox gets hit by a rake, covered in flour and chased by bees! But she makes it home safely and just in time for dinner.  Phew!πŸ˜…

We created our own Hens, acted out the story in our own garden and even learnt a new chicken song! 
We’ve been using lots of positional language as we’ve traveled. ‘Around, over,
Under and through’. 

Today we created our very own map to lead Rosie on a new adventure πŸ“ 

Last Friday afternoon Mrs Taylor and the reception children came to play in the FSU. She talked to the Red Robin’s about people who are safe adults to us, she led us on a brilliant walk around our school grounds to find pictures of the grown ups they might see within our school environment. When we spotted someone we knew we had to stop and ask politely for help. πŸ™‚ 

This week we have had so much fun playing in our Farm shop. πŸ₯” πŸ₯•πŸ₯¦ 

We have a new role play corner inside which is a Vets surgery. We have had lots of poorly pets this week which have needed examining and looking after! 🐈 πŸ‡ 🐢 

We also held our first Wild Welly Wednesday session this week. We had 4 little ones ,it was lovely to welcome them for a catch up and little play in the garden. We even managed to make some hand print hens! 
Please spread the word to anyone you know that might wish to come. 

Every Wednesday during term time 1:30-2:30 under one’s free, one and over £2 which includes a biscuit! 

See you all next week for our next story ‘The Little Red Hen’ 

Have a lovely weekend 

The Red Robin’s Team 😊

Week 1 Summer 2021

Good afternoon everybody! 😁

 We hope you’ve had a lovely weekend in the windy but warm sunshine. 

We’ve been making passports this week ready for our adventures around the world! We’ve chatted about where we would like to visit and how we might get there! πŸš— ✈️ β›΄ 

🌎 We celebrated ‘World Earth Day ’ on Thursday by making and wearing badges for the day. We talked about what things we could do to make our planet earth feel happy 😊 


We’ve started our exciting new Read Write Inc program with the older children who are moving into reception in September this week. They have learnt ‘m’ and ‘a’ during their daily group time. 

Whilst the older children have been doing this we have been doing adult group times with the two and three year olds to develop communication and language skills.

The 3 year olds have been sharing a story each day from our ‘Chatty Bats’ soundplay bags. They have been able to enjoy their group times outside in the sunshine this week. β˜€οΈ

The two year olds have been spending time singing nursery rhymes, exploring musical instruments and playing with the animals in the zoo during their group time. 

The last focus of our week has been ‘What do our bodies need’. We have talked about what fuel our bodies need to be healthy. And what we need to do everyday to make us feel healthy and happy. For example water, sleep, exercise and good hygiene. 

We even made fruit kebabs. They were soooo yummy and they gave us energy to play a running game outside! 

One of our activities was to make flavoured water with natural ingredients. This went extremely well, lots of children wanted to try some! 
Some of the children might ask for some
Cucumber πŸ₯’ or lemon πŸ‹ in their water bottles like we have in ours 😊

Enjoy the rest of your Sunday and we will see you all tomorrow for Noah’s Ark week! 

The Red Robin’s Team

Week 2


Happy Friday! 


We have really enjoyed Noah’s Ark this week. We’ve been very busy learning to sing ‘The Animals Went In Two By Two’ (will record and post to streams next week!) 

We’ve made tissue paper animals for our display, we’ve made model arks, paper boats and rainbow pictures. 


We’ve been learning to count and recognise the number 2. Which has linked to our Noah’s Ark theme. Counting 2 objects, lining up in twos etc. 

We’ve been playing with the small world ark and animals in the tough tray. And even made a huge ark using the big wooden blocks. 


In maths and understanding the world we have been exploring things that float and things that sink. The children have been using their clip boards to mark the items that float with a tick βœ… and things that sink with a βŒ. 


To develop our personal, social and emotional/ physical development 

We have been finding out what is ‘good’ for our bodies. We’ve been having cucumber and lemon water again ok the afternoon to ‘refuel’ and have made delicious rice cake faces as a healthy snack idea. 

We were really suprised to see that someone had some cucumber in their bottle instead of juice this week and Someone wanted to put orange segments in their bottle. Fantastic little changes! πŸ‘


We’ve had lots of fun playing outside, practicing our throwing, digging and climbing. We’ve also been enjoying our new teepee and play house that was kindly donated by an elderly couple in the village. 


We finished off our week with a rainbow πŸŒˆ sugar experiment and spent the afternoon learning how to do ‘Roly Poly’s’!!!


Have a lovely Bank Holiday weekend everyone.... next week we are off to Africa!!!! 

✈️ πŸ‡ΏπŸ‡¦πŸŒπŸ›–πŸ―πŸ†πŸ¦πŸ…πŸ¦πŸŠβ˜€οΈπŸ•Ά


The Red Robin’s Early Years Team πŸ˜Š 


Week 3



What a miserable day! β˜”οΈπŸŒ‚πŸŒ§

Here’s this weeks update on what we’ve been up to in our learning.

We flew to Africa on Tuesday to kick start our adventures around the world. 🌎 
We shared information books all about Africa. We talked about what the country might look like, what we might see there, what the climate would be like and discussed what we would need to pack in our suitcases! 🧳 

We have been looking at African artwork and patters. We created our very own African prints whilst listening to some tribal themed music!! πŸ’ƒ 

Together we created a magnificent African tough tray to play our small world games to support our wandering imaginations!

In our maths not only have we been looking at pattern. But we have been learning to count, recognise and share 5 objects. This linked to our African story by Julia Donaldson ‘The Ugly 5’. We also sang number songs like ‘5 little spacemen’ and ‘5 cheeky monkeys’. 

We’ve been learning ‘t’ and ‘I’ in our read write inc sessions this week. 
The 2 year olds have been leaning the names of African animals and have been sharing a lovely book all about African animal babies. 

We have finished off our week by sharing a story about Elmer the elephant. Afterwards we made our own Elmer’s using recycled milk bottles. πŸ™‚

We are staying in Africa for the next two weeks as we love it so much. Next week we are going to visit a little girl called Handa. We’ve got lots of really exciting things to make πŸ™‚ 

See you all on Monday. 

The Red Robin’s Early Years Team.



Week 4


We have shared a lovely story this week called ‘Handa’s Surprise’. Handa filled her basket πŸ§Ί with 7 delicious fruits to take to her friend Akeyo in a neighbouring village. On her way 7 cheeky animals stole her fruits! 


We wrote our own shopping list to build our own fruit bowl.


We have explored our fruits all week by looking, feeling, drawing and tasting! 


We have been balancing beanbags on our heads walking to numbered cones. Handa carried her basket of fruits on her head. 


We’ve enjoyed dancing to African themed music and having a go at playing real African djemebe drums πŸͺ˜. 


In our maths we have been learning about number 6. We have been counting one more and one less than 6. 


In read write inc our older children have learnt ‘n’ and ‘p’.






Week 5


This week was our final week in Africa. We shared a story called ‘We All Went On Safari’.

We started the week off with some messy play, we made a wallowing hole to play in, we added water to chocolate powder to make it like a real mud pit! We had fun playing and then washing all the animals afterwards. 


We pretended to be Safari spotters, where we had to match animals to their tracks and footprints. We’ve made mud huts and more tribal necklaces. 


We learnt to say some number names in Swahili! That’s was super tricky! 


We revisited ‘The Ugly Five’ story. 


We learnt ‘g’ and ‘o’ in our read, write, inc sessions.


Next week we are off to South America!!


The Amazon Rainforest in fact! 




Week 6

Good afternoon everyone! πŸ‘‹ 

🌳 We have been learning all about rainforests this week. 
We have made a beautiful display, shared information books and listened to rainforest sounds we have enjoyed playing with the rainforest themed tray too. 

We’ve made rain sticks, tree frogs and a giant sloth πŸ¦₯ and Toucan.  


πŸ”  We have been learning to recognise and write ‘c’ and ‘k’ this week In our Read, Write, Inc sessions and the little ones have been busy making their tree frogs. 

🌻 We’ve been following instructions to plant out sunflower seeds 🌱 

πŸ“² Did you you know you can view lots of videos of your children at pre-school on your steams page via your Microsoft teams account? If you have the app on your mobile phone, the links we share should notify you. 😊 


The Red Robin’s Team 😊

week 7

What a beautiful sunny morning!!  β˜€οΈ 

We’re all busy making Kevin Koala handprints this morning. 🐨 

We Just wanted to share a few photos from the past few weeks from our South American adventures! 

Have a lovely Tuesday everybody!

Week 8

Good evening everybody!! 

Can you believe another week has passed us by in a flash. 
We are currently planning the next 4 weeks until the end of the academic year and the summer holidays! β˜€οΈ 
The next 4 weeks will be busy! Please keep an eye out in news books for notes and messages. 
Here are a few dates you need to know about. 

πŸ“†Tuesday 13th July- Red Robin’s will be having their transition morning with Mrs Neale and Mrs Taylor. 9:15-12. 

 πŸ“… Tuesday 20th- AM-We have an exciting visitor coming for the morning. All Red Robin’s are invited. 

πŸ“… Tuesday 20th -PM- We will be having a special ‘leavers’ party afternoon. 

πŸ“… Friday 23rd -last day of term.

This week we have been learning about koalas and other marsupials. We’ve learnt ‘l’ and ‘h’ during Read, write, Ink and have been carefully looking after our caterpillars πŸ› 

In our maths, we have been continuing with halving and doubling. We have been looking at ways to share things, can we always share something equally? What could we do so that it’s fair? How could we make sure everyone gets a bit. We did some experiments sharing buns, cucumbers, bananas and children! 

Next week we are off to Asia and will be learning about Tigers, sharing ‘The Tiger Who came to Tea’. πŸ… 

Have a great weekend

The Red Robin’s Team πŸ™‚

Week 9

Good Morning everyone! 

We’ve got ourselves 4 pupas! Our 4 caterpillars have been crunching and munching their way through lots of nettle leaves,now they have shed their skins and are in their cocoons! πŸ› 
We have loved watching them everyday, nature is just totally fascinating isn’t it?!

This week we have been learning about tigers, we’ve shared information books and have used the Internet to help us with our fact finding. 
We read ‘The Tiger who Came to Tea’, and made our own tins of tiger food just in case a tiger knocked at our door one day. We discussed what we would feed a tiger if they came and wandered what our mummy’s and daddy’s might say!! 

Our oldest boys and girls have learnt our first ‘special friends’ sound this week. ‘Sh’.
They have remembered so many letter sounds over the last term it’s just amazing! Why not have a little look in their green phonics books with them to see how many sounds they recognise?! 

Our younger children have been learning to share stores in small groups, they have enjoyed the story of ‘The Very Hungry Caterpillar’ and learning our new song ‘Down at the Bottom of The Garden’. (video of that will be posted on streams next week!) 

In our maths we have been using rulers to measure things in our environment. This leant itself perfectly when we wanted to compare our sunflower plants. We have been measuring our water bottles, feet and hands too. 

We’ve been talking about what’s safe to go into our bodies. We chatted about the packets of things we thought looked like sweets 🍬 or that looked dangerous. We looked for danger symbols on bottles with chemicals and the importance of asking mummy and daddy if they find something they are not sure is safe or not. We chatted about medicines, that we can’t have to much of a medicine and that’s why we use special spoons and syringes to measure the correct amount. We played a sorting game with things from our homes. Safe and unsafe things that we should or should not eat or touch. βš οΈβ›”οΈ

Next week we are continuing to learn all about butterfly life cycles and will be having our sports week, where we will be running in races everyday on our school field. 

Have a lovely weekend 

The Red Robin’s Team 😊

Week 10

Evening everyone! 


We’ve had a lovely week making various butterfly life cycles! We are still eagerly waiting for our butterfly’s to hatch from their pupa’s. 
We are extremely proud of our older Red Robin’s this week, they have used their Read, Write, inc knowledge to write labels on their life cycles. They have only been doing this literacy program for one term. We are thrilled they feel so confident to have a goπŸ₯° 

In our maths we have continued to track the growth of our sunflower plants. We measured ourselves to see who was taller and shorter. We have been looking at pattern and doing lots of jigsaw puzzles. 

We haven’t managed to get out onto the field this week to compete in our sports week races due to the rain, but are hopeful for some dry weather next week. 🀞

Have a lovely weekend 😊 

The Red Robin’s Team.

Week 11