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Recent Newsletter - 21st January 2021

Dear Parents/carers,

I thought I would touch base with you to check whether you are okay?  We all think you are doing a tremendous job at home and would like to say a warm thank you for all of your hard work at this challenging time.


Please remember to contact your child’s class teacher if you have any concerns about your child’s learning.  We are in the process of writing a Remote Education Policy and this will appear on the school website very soon.


On a different note:

Please read on as this may affect the provision we can provide to children who are currently coming into school.  We hope it won’t but it is my duty to keep you informed about anything that might alter our current arrangements.


You may have seen in the media that all Education Staff are being offered Lateral Flow Covid tests.  Our tests are arriving on Tuesday 26th January.  It is not a mandatory test but the majority of my staff are likely to opt in to this scheme in order to help the NHS and reduce the transmission rate of the virus.


As many of you will know, from the media, that 1 in 3 people are asymptomatic and by using these tests it can help detect people who may be carrying the virus without symptoms.


As staff, we will be taking the tests twice a week on a Wednesday and Sunday evening.  Any staff member with a positive result will have to self – isolate immediately and book a PCR test as soon as possible to fully confirm the result.


Staff will contact me with their lateral flow test result and if positive both myself and the School Governors will make a decision on staffing levels/provision and whether we are able to provide for those children who currently coming into school.  The very worst-case scenario would be too few staff available to open the school.  The risk is very small but I have to inform you that it could potentially happen.


In addition to that, if a staff member does report a positive case, I will have to follow the flow chart and contact the DFE helpline where a risk assessment will be jointly made as to the impact on the bubbles in school.

If there are any changes to the daily running of the school, I will do my best to contact you as quickly as I can but please be patient as there will be various protocols I will have to follow.


You will be contacted via ParentPay of any changes to provision in school during this time.  If you are not on ParentPay and your child is in currently in school, it is essential to let me know so that I am able to contact you via a different method.  Information will also be put on the front page of our website.


We are thinking positively and hoping that all members of staff will have negative results every week, but it is only fair to let you know in advance of what we are doing and the impact it might have.


Thank you in advance for your support in this matter.


Best wishes

Beci Smith

Head Teacher

Revised and updated risk assessment - Covid 19


Dear Parents/Carers,

Happy New Year to you all!  I hope you have all managed to have a restful Christmas and New Year?


I thought I would touch base with you all as some of you may be wondering about whether we will be open or not on Wednesday.


I am pleased to announce that in the current situation (bearing in mind that this could change at any time) we will be OPEN and we will be looking forward to welcoming the school community from Wednesday 6th January 2021.


I am also pleased at this current time to announce that all of my staff have had a healthy Christmas and will be present at school.


We are currently very fortunate that our school is in Torridge, one of the lowest rates in the country but we need to work together to keep it that way and to reduce any pressure on the NHS.


Therefore, due to the new variant of the virus being more transmissible, we are all going to have to be EXTRA VIGILANT AT ALL TIMES. 

Therefore, the risk assessment sent out to you all last term MUST be followed.  The following points in particular MUST be adhered to:

  1. Since the last risk assessment and because this virus is so transmissible we strongly recommend that all adults wear a face covering when on the school site at drop off and collection times.
  2. Any child who has a persistent cough, high temperature or loss of taste and/or smell must be kept off and a test must be carried out.  If positive, the school must be contacted immediately so further arrangements for safety can be made.
  3. As adults we all have a responsibility to keep each other safe and therefore we need to always socially distance from each other at collection and drop off times.
  4. Please drop off and collect children at the appropriate times as mentioned in the risk assessment below

Drop off times

Class 3 and Class 2

8.45 am

Class 1




Pre School

9am onwards


Collection Times


Pre School



3.15 pm

Class 1


Class 2 and 3

3.30 pm






What happens if my children are in different year groups?


Drop off?

If you have children in your family that go across the age ranges, you may come and drop off the whole family at the time allocated above for your oldest child.


Collection Time?


If you have children in your family that go across the age ranges, you may come and collect all of them at the time allocated above of your youngest child.


5. Please DO NOT hang around in the school grounds at drop off or collection times.

6. All children will continue to be taught in class bubbles.  Please help us not to mix those bubbles.

7. Please ensure that your child wears lots of layers into school as the windows will be open for extra ventilation.  They are able to wear their coat in doors.

8. If you need to make an appointment to meet with a member of staff this needs to be done via phoning the school office.  If a meeting does take place all adults involved MUST wear a mask and be socially distanced.

9. No adults other than staff and Governors will be allowed into the school building unless by prior appointment.

10. If our school does have to be shut due to the corona virus we will continue to remain open for key worker children and vulnerable children.


If the school has to close for any reason, we will contact you via Parent Pay and via the school website and Devon School Closures website.  The school may also have to close at any time during the next few months due to bad weather so please continue to check Parent Pay regularly for further information.


If at any time the school has to close due to the virus etc.  the teaching staff will provide home learning virtually by Microsoft TEAMs but also via the website in the same way we did before during the last lock down.


I will be sending home shortly, logins for children/parents to access their class TEAM.  Certain protocols will have been set up to ensure its safety.  This will only go live if we are closed.


I am also setting up a survey for you to fill in to indicate your internet and lap top provision.  This is important for us to know in order to provide you with the correct home learning if and when we have to close.


Many thanks for your support and understanding and let’s hope together we can continue to keep our school community safe.

Best wishes

Beci Smith

Head Teacher

COVID 19 Privacy Notice

How to cope with stress during the Corona Virus Outbreak

The government is closely monitoring the spread of the Coronavirus and is taking actions at home and abroad.


The overall risk remains moderate, but latest information and advice can be found at


The Department of Education has set up a helpline to answer questions about COVID-19 related to education.  


Parents, Staff and young people can contact the helpline as follows:-


Phone: 0800 046 8687




The opening hours for the helpline are:-  8am - 6pm (Monday to Friday)


For the lastest travel advice please go to:-



Personal hygiene is the most important way we can tackle COVID - 19, especially washing hands more; and the Catch it, Bin it, Kill it strategy for those with coughs and sneezes.


Hands need to be washed for 20 seconds with soap and hot water.