Home Learning Photos

Katie Cann's Stop Motion Animation - The Story of the Worm and the Snail



Alex has had a lovely time gel printing!

Yasmin's Grammar Work

Alex has had another busy!

Alex Lewis has been really busy this week. His brother Ryan has also had a fabulous time painting.

Williamson's News Report on Antarctic Explorers

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Rosie and Oliver K.W's News Report about Amelia Earhart

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Rosie K.W's poetry

Lucy and Ben have been very busy!

Lucy's Leavers Hoodie
Ben taking cuttings
He is now repotting them
Lucy's Poem for English
Ben's facts on planes part 1
Part 2
Lucy and Ben busy look at rocks and fossils
What a great selection you have found.

Wesley's Car Poetry!

Marla and Imelda's home made water feature for a neighbour

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Marla and Imelda have been very busy doing lots of lovely things!

Maisie Bain's lovely writing

Photos of Lucy and Ben being very busy!

Bella and Freddie have been busy!

Elspeth has been very busy with her home learning and she has managed to capture a photo of 2 otter cubs on her wildlife camera this week.

Please look at this amazing video by Rosie and Oliver K.W.

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Rubyn and Marley have been very busy at home

Yasmin's wonderful writing!

Oliver K.W's work on plants

Jason's wonderful writing

Rosie's wonderful writing!

My World Within the Tree
Moon Fact file Page 1
Moon Fact File Page 2

Alex has designed a windmill called Offcut Windmill. Alex and his daddy built the windmill using off cuts of wood and plastic and many other things. An amazing achievement and such a great project to do together!

Alex has been very busy!

Alex as a pirate running his shop
 A postcard to NASA from Neil Armstrong.
Alex has been fascinated by the Explorer Topic

Erin and Ellie have been very busy at home!

Erin and Ellie made a volcano
It was part of their topic on Rocks!
Eating an ice lolly whilst doing maths
Beautiful crafts
A beautiful box of crafts for grannies
This is what we have to tidy up!
Erin and Ellie helping dad tidy!
Making cakes for relatives who have had babies
Making a fruit sald
Playing some fun games!

Erin and Ellie's movie

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Elspeth's film on Nature

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Rosie and Yasmin have been very busy creating excellent work for Engish in Class 3

Yasmin's work
Rosie K.W's work

Alex has read a book written by Stephen Hawking and has been busy writing a book review on the Worst Witch

Callum and Connor have been very busy! Have a look to see what they have been up to! Callum has decided he would like to be a brain surgeon and Connor is showing how whizzy he is at maths.

Lucy and Ben's plastic recycling project, they made T rex heads from milk cartons. They have written instructions for anyone else who would like to have a go!

Finley and Milo have been very busy!

Finn enjoying the Scavenger Hunt
Finn making shapes out of 6 cubes
Finley and Milo baking biscuits
Finley and Milo go fishing!

Elspeth's home learning photos including an authorfy challenge and maths

Corey and Tilly have been very busy!

Lots of things happening!

Famous Scientists by Alexia
Riley and Skye are following instructions
Riley and Skye have made windmills!
Skye is learning how to make a windmill
Look at how my windmill moves!
Riley is using BBC Bitesize for his lessons
Skye is putting gems into coloured groups
Skye sorting her coloured gems
Alexia's lipstick advert
Izzy's spy glasses advert
Izzy's spy glasses story - part 1
Izzy's spy glasses story - part 2
Izzy's Enid Blyton author report - part 1
Part 2
Izzy dressed up in 1940's clothing for VE Day
Izzy's decorative table for VE day
Wesley's advert
Alex has made a bug hotel

Yasmin's Spy Gadget Advert

Another busy day!

Alex using natural materials
Alex - Beavers Outdoor Challenge
Alexia' s information doc on coral reefs
Alexia's letter related to the Mary Rose
Alexia's fact about the Great Barrier Reef
Skye making a shaker
Skye listening to the shaker
Skye enjoying threading
Look at the concentration
Wow! Look at how much threading I have done
Skye's jigsaw puzzles
Rosie K.W - Abi Elphinstone 10 min challenge
Oliver K.W daffodil inspiration sketch
Oliver K.W daffodil poem rewrite

Look what we have been doing today!

Tommie putting up the English Flag for VE Day
Tommie's drawing of a panda
Tommie playing table tennis
Now he is playing tennis
Tommie making chicken nuggets
Tommie looking at different planes
Tommie doing his maths
This looks interesting Tommie!
These are Samuel B's cacoon's
This is Alexia's VE Day newspaper account
Look at the fabulous VE Day bunting
Alexia sewing a mermaid
Teddy helping Alexia do her spelling test
Samuel writing letters in the sun
Look at my caterpillars!
Elspeth working with nature
Elspeth's We Thank our World For ...
Elspeth busy photographing nature
Elspeth outside her den
What a fabulous den!
Elspeth has taken her learning outside
Looking very happy!
Elspeth is very focused

Watch Rosie K.W complete a perfect backwards walkover. Brilliant!

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Lottie Hart's Project about the Titanic

Lots of lovely things have been happening!

Alex is making a cake for VE Day
Yummy cake!
Alex preparing bunting for VE Day
It is all looking lovely!
Great poster!
Alex's anniversary card for his mum and dad
Callum on BBC Bitesize
Connor watching BBC Bitesize
Connor learning how to change his bedding
Callum creating a poster of thanks to the NHS
Connor is too!
That is such a lovely poster!
Callum working on his maths
Connor learning year 5 and 6 spellings
Callum completing maths problem of the day
Connor completing maths problem of the day
Connor talking to his year 2 friends through Zoom!
Callum reading his book in his tent
Connor also reading in the tent
What a lovely place to read!
Holly is kick sampling
This is a saw tooth
Having fun with science
Holly's Ocean Map
Holly's sea creatures so far.
Oliver four seasons write up
Oliver's Seasons Notes
Oliver - Jacques Cousteau
Oliver K.W's Atlantic Fact File
Oliver K.W's Layer Fact File
Oliver K.W's Underwater Creature Presentation
Rosie K.W's Favourite Author Study
Rosie K.W's Great Barrier Reef Factfile
Rosie K.W - Jacques Cousteau
Rosie K.W's Pacific Ocean Factfile
Rosie K.W's Sea Creature Factfile - Snailfish

Ben's science project on rocks and Lucy's English work about her favourite author

The Coombs family have been busy baking a a cake and brownies for VE Day and also lots of cuddling of baby guineapigs

Arron and Kyle having been very busy baking cookies, flapjack and a quiche! Kyle has power washed the car and they have both baked a cake for the NHS. They have also been busy making Rainbows out ouf of putty and Kyle has cracked his puzzle.

Rosie's Suspense Story and Space Ship Sketch

Lottie and Ben's powerpoints of facts about the Coral Reef

Jaya's short story

This is Alex looking very pleased with himself whilst playing the Blockbusters maths game which can be found in class 1's planning this week.

Finley and Milo busy at home

Alex has been busy highlighting bossy verbs and using instructions to create a deep sea diver

Chloe has been busy making play dough!

Alfie, Russell and Lily have been very busy learning at home.

Alex has been busy power hosing the front step and helping daddy wash the car

Harry Daniels and his sister have been busy cooking and learning at home.

Elspeth busy learning at home

Izzy's work on sea creatures

Ben's poetry and Lucy's home made outfit!

Alexia's Sea Creature Presentation and Short Story called The Gun.

Jason's short story and keyboard playing with his brother Owen on guitar

Erin and Ellie have been very busy writing poetry, writing a letter to Blue Peter to earn them a green badge for making a fabulous bug house!

Joe's Mad Maths RAP

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Watch Joe Conway playing the drums - amazing!

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Lucy's short story

Yasmin's short story!

What have we been doing today?

Frida reading in her den to her nan via Zoom!
Einar doing some number work
Looking very pleased with himself
Frida with black paint!
Frida and Einar doing maths together
Yasmin's English work this week
Callum and Connor doing their home learning
Callum and Connor clapping for the NHS
‘Loopy Lifter’ - game based on Let's go Live
Elsie and Frank have sprayed their own bikes!

Maisie is keeping fit in lockdown, she has run 5K this morning to raise money for the NHS.

This is Lucy's sea turtle and Ben has been doing some science in the kitchen - learning about solids turning liquid with heat.

Erin has made some lovely star shapes out of home made salt dough. Very pretty!

Johan and Kobe have been very busy. They have done some salt crystal painting, played scrabble, made a sockosaurus using his sewing skills learnt from Mrs Neale and today both boys did some painting.

Have a look at what we have been doing!

Alexia and Samuel have designed name labels
Testing things that float
Measuring objects
Pirate chest and map
Yasmin using an app to spot the constellations
Alex measuring his greenhouse for maths
Alex practising his spellings using a water pistol
Using daisies to spell
Look at what i have spelt out of daisies
Alex's spellings
Using a you tube tutorial to help with his drawing
Alex's drawing!  Brilliant!

What have we been doing today?

Gracie - Mae and her beautiful rainbow
Gracie- Mae's number work
Gracie - Mae's number work
Elspeth thinks she has spotted an otter print
Maybe another one!
and another!
Elspeth enjoying her home learning in her new den
Very focussed!
Elsie and Frank have made this delicious cake!
Alex renewing his Beaver promise on St George's Da
Alex playing 4 in a row maths game
Alex won! Yippee!
Chloe W has been very busy!
Chloe working hard at her literacy
and her maths
Chloe has also been gardening!

Elspeth has helped to create a reading den outside. Lovely idea!

Frank's cat Winston is helping him with his decimals!

Elsie has painted a panda

Callum and Connor have been busy!

Riley and Skye have been very busy working

Elouise has been having a fabulous time baking and planting seeds

The Denley's are very busy working!

Lottie and Ben's submarines - linked to the sea topic

What have we been doing?

Lottie and Ben smiling whilst doing their work
Macie is doing some maths on maths factor
Myleigh is creating words
Jasmine and Amy reading the book Slime!
Izzy's poetry about pollution
Part 2 of Izzy's poem

Listen to Imelda reading her spring poem

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Home Learning Photos

Phoebe is learning about fronted adverbials&angles
Elspeth busy decorating
What have you found?
Elspeth focused on her home learning
Alex very keen on doing his maths this morning!
Alex has created a sticker chart for his mummy
This is Maisie's poem about the environment.

Corey and Tilly's home learning - They have been busy doing lots of different things!

We laid a new gravel drive.
We made a den
We made a shop
Peanut butter and bird seed feeders.
Obstacle course for the dog!
Making boats to float in the water
Water balloons to throw over the fence!
We pretended to be birds and made a nest!
We made erupting volcanoes and potions
We collected wood for a fire pit and had jacket pot
Pond skaters
We drew the bugs we found

Listen to Alex playing a piece of music he has been learning with his music teacher Mrs Bridle

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New week, New Photos!

Ben cooking pancakes!
Look at Lucy's pancake
Lucy and Ben studying nature
Erin and Ellie learning about the oceans
Erin and Ellie with their plans for their poetry
We made our own sea globes
Daffodil planning sheet
Daffodil planning sheet
Erin and Ellie have been busy doing maths

The Urquharts have chickens and they have laid eggs!

Lovely poetry by Lottie and Ben

More lovely poetry by Lucy and Ben Beacham

We have had some lovely poetry today!

Wesley's poem about pollution and the environment
Rosie K.W's poem about plastic waste

Look who has been busy today!

Aaron sketching his butterfly for his canvas
Kyle has created his canvas all by himself
Skye is threading - great simple idea
Well done Skye!
Skye is matching sounds
Skye is sorting coloured gems
Alex is planting some sweet pea seeds.
Alex read the instructions carefully.
Alex counted in 4's and 5's as he planted.
Alex reading his book in the garden before bed

Oliver Jones has been very busy too!

Johan writing his spring poem, doing some maths and using the paddling pool to learn about how a submarine works for the sea topic.

Johan reading his own spring poem that he has written today.

Still image for this video

Alex writing his spring poem

Listen to Alex reading his own spring poem he has written today

Today's photos!

Aaron has painted a canvas
Beautiful!  Well done Aaron
Jayden working hard on his home learning
Enjoying his maths
Look at the concentration
Very focused
Lucy is working hard at her White Rose Maths
Lucy learning cycling proficiency on the road
Ben is spelling using write, cover check
Elspeth is planning her spring poem
Freya and George are busy painting
Well done George!
Freya and George are preparing a vegetable patch
What a lovely photo!

Lots of lovely activities

Imelda looking after her chickens
Marla needle felting hot cross buns
Carefully does it!
Imelda is very proud of her hot cross bun
Putting elastic on the masks we made for carers.
Lunchtime walk collecting flowers to identify
Freya reading in bed
Hand and foot prints
Freya, George and Martha in the garden
Chloe working on her diary
Chloe playing some espresso maths games
Elspeth's sketch
Samuel counting and adding with Hungry Frogs
Alexia and Samuel sketching their own house

Press play to hear Alex reading his own story written with his feather

Keep sending me your homelearning photos!

Elspeth's diary writing
Elspeth's home learning
Now what have we got here?
Freya wrote a story called fluffy the dog ate the Easter eggs!
George drew a picture of the tractor in the field over the gate in the back garden!
George and Martha made an Easter tree!
Freya made a mars bar cake with very little help!
George drew a picture of the world with the equator on!
Lottie H and Ben H working on their Home Learning
Alex found a feather and chose to write with it.
Alex with his feather
Alex's story is called The Worst Wizard
Tommie playing cricket
Tommie proud of his rainbows
Tommie preparing a raised bed
Tommie out on his bike getting his daily exercise

A new day of creativity and home learning!

Jayden busy painting a wall at his new home
Jayden doing a wonderful jobs at his crafts
These are wonderful Jayden!
Tegan busy in the garden
Tegan's miniature garden
Tegan preparing a vegetable patch
Tegan has made her own fire!
Tegan's chalk painting
Tegain is cooking cheese straws and rock buns
They have come out well!
PE with her brother
Tegan's poems

What's happening today?

Elspeth's sketchl
Elspeth's sketch
Elspeth busy sketching
Harry and Chloe went for a spring walk
Harry and Chloe busy having fun in the woods
Johan has made a bubble blower out of a bottle
So has Kobe!
Lots of lovely baking!
Keep mixing Johan!
All looks very yummy!

More photos have arrived!

Katie Cann busy reading
Katie's Easter Bunny
Katie enjoying doing some literacy
Lego challenge
Maths revision
Preparing a raised bed for broccoli
Making sculptures with clay we dug up from the pond
Geography hunt: continents and oceans

Lots more photos have arrived today!

Lucy's plaster cast of a hares foot!
Lucy's nature mud face
Ben's nature mud face
This is Einar!
Einar is washing up!
Frida and Einar are cooking
Now they are painting!
Einar is having a lovely time
Frida continues to mix!
Izzy is proud of her hens that she has made
These home made hens are lovely!
Ruby doing some gardening
Maisie and Ruby's bird house
Sisters cooking together
Having a lovely time outdoors
Wow!  Ruby is decorating!
Lazing in the sunshine
Ruby's Easter Bunny!
Arts and Crafts
Chloe's homemade buns-lovely!
Chloe is weighing ingredients
Chloe is making her Easter Bunny
A screen shot of Alex's remote keyboard lesson

Lots of creativity!

Johan making his turtle
He used the end of a drinks bottle
Kobe his brother is also having fun!
Don't they look great?

Rosie is through to the second round of the 500 word story competition. Well done Rosie!

Rosie is in the last 5,000. There were 135,000.

Wow! Look at the wonderful things we have been doing.

Mason has made a planter!
He has used old wood
and bits and bobs from the shed.

Who has been busy today?

Thomas has written a minecraft quiz!
Part 2 of the minecraft quiz
Part 3 of the minecraft quiz
Here are the answers...
Nel's home made mud kitchen
Nel working on her maths
Nel is proud of her writing!
Look what i have found!
Elspeth has found something interesting today
Quietly reading by the river

New photos have arrived!

Yasmin's beautiful piece of art
Yasmin looking after her very own pigs
Yasmin's lego
Yasmin working with her dad
Yasmin helping out with her parents
Crafts from Red Cow
Elsie having fun with AR google animals in garden while boys on trampoline

Lots of creative activities

Erin and Ellie making robot hedgehogs
PE with Joe
Pen Pals with a friend in Clawton
Erin and Ellie making flapjacks
Look at our snail Farm
Yummycake baking!
Phoebe making a scrummy cake
Collage work by Elspeth
Finished Collage
Rainbow pictures for Nightingale Hospital by Izzy
Fabulous drawings!
Brothers play with water in the garden
Owen painting a beanstalk
Jason and Owen made a phone out of tin cans.
Gracie - Mae's beautiful rainbow
Gracie - Mae's wonderful Easter Bunny
Gracie - Mae's shape picture

What have you been doing today?

Bella with a home made flower
The Deneley family busy crafting
Beautiful paper tulips
Colouring pens at work
Lola busy being arty!
Alex making bread
Alex's sketch of Halwill Church
Fractions using lego
Alex sketching Halwill church
What animal could have made this?
Elspeth baking banana bread
Elspeth baking chocolate chip cookies
Yum!  Look what I have made
Planting blackthorn seeds and using the 10x table
Planting with my dad.
Preparing the raised bed for onions and carrots.