Class 1

Summer Term   Second Half Topic

Explore!7 Faster, Higher, Further - NO LIMITS!

Vote Winner and Quiz Answers

Easter maths investigation

Under the Sea Week 5 ~ Endangered oceans and personal project

Frogs 4 & 5 jumping at the pond

Still image for this video

Frog no. 4 close up

Frog number 4 is on the rock!

Look! Its a frog! Time to go back to the pond.

Look! We have a froglet!

Look! I've got legs!! 🐸

A message from the tadpoles: We still don't have any legs, but we are loving our lettuce ice cubes. Yum yum!

Have you seen any buds opening? This a bud on a horsechestnut tree ( a sticky bud!) opening to show its new leaves.Click on the arrow to see the bud open.

Have you seen any flowers or butterflies?

dog violet
dog violet
forget-me -not
peacock butterfly
fungus growing on a tree stump

Newts in the pond

Signs of spring

Making electrical circuits

beech nut shell sculptures

Class 1's Clay Sculpture garden

Sculptures with wire and beads

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Rosemoor Gardens July 2018
Rosemoor Gardens July 2018
Rosemoor Gardens July 2018
Rosemoor gardens July 2018