Class 3

Don't forget you can go on Espresso to find activities on all subjects including music and art! If you've forgotten the login, please email school and we will happily give it to you:)

There is also the Coding website that Mrs Neale found; again, email if you've lost your password.

Check out the Home Learning page for everyone's writing etc.

Great poem, Lucy! Lots of lovely description and clever ideas - Mrs B :)

Your poems were powerful, Rosie! Well done for writing two and using the word 'juxtaposition'! - Mrs B :)

What a super poem about cars, Ben - well done! - Mrs B :)

And another very clever video from Rosie and Oliver! Make sure Mrs Neale gets to see it too, as she is the one planning the Topics - Mrs B:)

Lucy, thank you for sending in your lovely work for me to have a look at . Well done! - Mrs B :)

Well done, Yasmin! I enjoyed reading about clock world! - Mrs B :)

Rosie, I loved your extra work on news reporting! - Mrs B:)

Ben, what a super report - laid out just like the real thing! - Mrs B:)

Ben, your story was fabulous! I could certainly 'see' those animals you described from your window!! Mrs B:)

What a fantastic story, Rosie! We all read it in class and were transported into another world! We were also very interested in all the answers to the questions posed by the narrator in 'My Iceland' - the one about clouds really amazed us! Mrs B :)

Well done, Wesley for an interesting piece of writing! Mrs B:)

Well done, Yasmin again! Keep up the good work! Mrs B:)

Rosie, your tunnel description was beautiful, mixed with an undertone of  fear!  Mrs B :)

Incredible language as usual, Rosie, and I love the 'real thing' that you made - so cool!!!:) 

A very handy lipstick gadget, Lexi! I thought it suited your personality! :)

What a great gadget, Wesley - could I order one for my car, please? Great font, too. Mrs B :)

Yasmin - that was fast! What a great spy gadget, written with your usual fabulous sense of humour! - Mrs B :)

Lovely, atmospheric story about a magic tree by Rosie - she went on the Authorfy 10 minute challenge!

Well done to Jaya for the super description in her scary alien story! :) - Mrs B.

It was lovely to see Lucy's fabulous author study - you worked hard on that! :) -Mrs B

Rosie's undersea project was fascinating- I didn't know all the layers had names! 'Frostheart' sounds like a book I should read!  :)_Mrs B


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Alexia too, super story! I really thought the twist at the end was clever - I had thought it was a dream...and well done for your super descriptions of the two girls. I also loved reading your Under the Sea presentation (my favourite was the sea horses). 


I've just read your alien story, Jason (great marking, mum!) - you had some super ideas! What a lot of (scary-sounding) books you've read - that's amazing! 


Great alien story, Wesley! I liked how you had an usual opening setting at the swimming pool and it was certainly scary!

Lucy - what a fabulous story, too! I laughed at the bit where you said they thought it was the boys messing around :) :)

This week I've seen Yasmin's super alien illustration and fabulous short story - you can see them on the home learning pages. Come on, everybody, let's see your lovely work on here, too!


Here are some little 'shout outs' from me:

Well done, Maisie for your charity run!

That cake looks delicious, Elsie! 'Hope you're doing maths like Frank!

Super submarines, Ben and Lottie! I also love your very professional-looking workbooks - will you bring them in when we start back, so I can see them?

Alexia, you've been very arty! Have you been doing maths and English, too - I'd love to see your stories :)

I hope I haven't missed anybody out - I'm sure you'll tell me if I have!

Mrs B:)


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