Autumn Term 2021

’Our Place To Outer Space’ 

Monday 27th September 

What a busy morning we’ve had today to start off our week! 

We had a special delivery from Farmer James in his ginormous tractor! 

Farmer James grew lots of 🌾 wheat this summer, when it was ripe he harvested it with a huge combine harvester. Then he milled the grain into flour and delivered some to us! What a lovely farmer! 👨‍🌾 

After a look around Farmer Jame’s tractor and a quick test of the bouncy seat in the cab, we waved goodbye to start our busy morning. 

10 minutes later the heavens opened!!! Typical British weather 🙄😳 🌧 ☔️ 

Luckily we were warm and dry inside, 
we used the flour to bake some bread! 🍞 🥖 

We sang our Autumn songs whilst we kneaded the dough, rolling, punching, poking and pushing the dough to the rhythm of the music. The dough became very soft, long and stretchy! We shaped the dough into the letters of our names and made some bread rolls. 😋 

Thank you Farmer James  😊

SummerTerm 2021


 Our planet/Around the World!


We celebrated 'World Earth Day'. We want to keep our planet healthy and happy, just like us!

We loved making animals for our 'Noah's Ark' display.



We've been sharing stories like 'The Ugly Five', 'Handa's Surprise' and 'We went on Safari'.

All of our learning has been themed around these lovely books. 

South American carnivals and Australian campfire songs!

Years of fun being a Red Robin!