Our school has a thriving Foundation Stage Unit. 

We have a beautiful purpose-built unit for our Foundation Stage pupils.

Our pre-school is open every school day during term time from 9am - 3pm.  Early starts (from 8.45am) or later finishes (3.15pm) can be booked in advance for a fee of £1.00

We can accept children from the age of 2 years and can offer funded places.  Non funded places care charged at £3.50 per hour.

Children can have a hot meal cooked on site for a cost of £2.20 for a main and a pudding or a packed lunch can be brought in from home.

Healthy snacks are provided for the children during the day.

If you would like to come and have a look around our pre-school please call 01566 772191 to book an appointment.


Mrs Charlie McCarroll                    -   Reception Teacher and FSU manager                            
Miss Abby Palmer                           -  Pre-School Leader
Mrs Debbie Collis                           -  Pre-School KeyWorker
Mrs Karen Paton                             -  Pre-School KeyWorker
Ms Lucy Robinson                           - Pre-School  practitioner
Ms Kim Stafford                            - Pre-School practitioner  

Welcome back to Early Years, Spring Term 2018 !

This term we have lots of new children and we welcome all our new families!
Our new topic, is Our British Nature and Winter time. We are focussing a lot of activities around the story "Stickman" by Julia Donaldson. We will be doing a lot of activities outside, so please send in a change of clothes for Pre-schoolers in case they fall over and get covered in mud! Please also provide a hat and warm coat, because we will be out in all weathers.

Our exciting activities will include going for countryside walks, making Stickmen, making clay hedgehogs, and  putting up a bird table.

 If you have any interesting items linked to our topic, please bring them in to show, or send them in for us to share with the children.

Look out for our  Foundation Stage Unit News Letter, which will be out soon! It will have details of fund raising events and activities to come!

In our pre-school we encourage children to develop their communication skills with plenty of talk in every possible way, such as games, conversation, stories and role play. To encourage your child to develop speech, we promote "Let's Talk More Everywhere" activities. Each month, the Let's Talk More " poster will be displayed, with great ideas to encourage your children to talk!

Stickman Topic , Winter Topic   January and February 2018
Communication and Language
All the activities below, in all areas of learning, involve a lot of discussion and language. 
Story time twice a day
Walks in the countryside, listening to nature, birds tweeting etc
Animal sound listening game (CD)
Talk about what we have done at home with our families. Start the conversation with “Have you ever been in the woods?” (or to the beach / to Roadford lake/ to the moors etc)
Nursery Rhymes and songs .... Raining it’s pouring
Doctor Foster,
Incy Wincy Spider
Role Play.... have home corner plus.... Childre’s choice (VOTE)
Personal, Social and Emotional Development
Story peer  massage.... the weather story and others from the book (in office)
Animal care... loving, feeding and cleaning out the Guinea Pigs and Hamish
Feelings... tree with leaves
Feelings cards with pictures of emotions

Create giant spider s web in garden and play game if crossing web without breaking
Threading beads or Cheerios   into branch
Make hedgehogs from clay and snip spikes into them using scissors.
Use tweezers to take small objects out of sand tray, such as acorns, leaves, stones
Move around apparatus like animals, on all fours.
Yoga... animals, tree, mountain etc.
Ordering sticks in size order
Clothes sorting for cold days and hot days
Count birds that come to the table
Reception.... graph / bar chart of birds
Weights.... when making bird food... weigh amounts of seeds and nuts.(Reception)
Measuring ....m and cm, measure using twigs. Then measure the twigs using tape measures(reception)
Sequence stick collection from smallest to largest
Use sticks to make shapes... square, triangle, rectangle
Paint sticks and paint with sticks
Create giant stickman
Make individual mini stick does for stickman
Stick crowns
Make mini spiders with clay and sticks
Collage of squirrels, foxes, woodland animals
Use sticks to paint and print
Make hand print mittens
Clay hedgehogs,
Make instruments from stones, sand, seaweed, natural found items.
Understanding the World
Create stick table with different elements of the tree ie leaves cones
Make small clay birds with leaves and sticks and weave nests Make bird feeding area in garden, make bird feeders, houses.
Sensory ice play
Moon sand made from flower and baby oil
“White snow playdough”
What happens to trees in the winter? Cycle of growth, decay and changes over time.
Kim’s game with woodland items, feather, pinecone, acorn, leaf, twig (develop vocab)
Dress the snow man game.... remove item and children guess what has been removed.
Get bird table and windoe feeder. FSU and little classroom. Put up bird pictures for identification.
Put up new bird boxes, bird feeders
Hedgehog house.... check the house and put food out for the hedgehogs
Bat box???
Otter sanctuary visit?
Espresso films about British nature and winter
Look closely at natural finds, such as bird nests, acorns, pinecones, shells, feathers etc.
Play and learn
Photos of outside walks and nature
Espresso films
Little red riding hood
Percy Park Keeper stories
Stickman... by Juilia Donaldson (also the Gruffalo and the Gruffalo’s child)

Write own name in sticks
Glittery sand in tray for writing / mark making
Create individual stickmen
Make a cardboard stick man for the display board.
Phonics... the month, or woodland animals ... e.g. fox, badger, squirrel, dore mouse etc.
Rhyming game... picture cube, six words and word on board that rhymes board that rhymes
Write phonics in glitter sand .... i for ice, s for snow etc.