Our Governors meet on a regular basis to discuss and plan the future of the school. 
If you would like to contact the Governing Body please contact Mrs Lydia Feneley (Assistant Administrator to the School) on the school number of 01566 772191
Our School Governors

St Giles on the Heath Primary School Governing Body
Name Type of Governor Appointing Body
Office Term Committee Registered interests
Mrs Jenny Coombs Parent Elected by Parents Vice Chair 28/01/2017 27/01/2021 Curriculum  
Mrs Lacey Evans Co-Opted Elected by Governors        
Mr Rob Fry Parent Elected by Parents   19/05/2015 18/05/2019 Sites & Buildings  
Mrs Carrie Jones Parent Elected by Parents   05/10/2017 04/10/2021 Finance  
Mrs Naomi Kersley Williamson

Co-Opted Elected by Governors
Chair of Governing Body
26/11/2015 25/11/2019   Husband volunteers at the school, running the after school Code Club
Mr Craig Mackenzie Co -Opted Elected by Governors

19/01/2017 18/01/2021    
Miss Beci Smith Staff Headteacher Ex-Officio   01/09/2014 Sites & Buildings
(Health & Safety)
Mrs Helen Wawman Staff Teacher Elected by Staff   05/09/2013 04/09/2017


Election of Committees – AGM 5th October 2017
Hearings (1st Committee)           Appeals (2nd Committee)      Complaints Committee

3 current Governors                     3 current Governors                 Mrs N Kersley Williamson
                                                                                                      Mrs Jenny Coombs
                                                                                                      Mr Rob Fry
                                                                                                      Mrs Carrie Jones
Finance & Personnel                   Curriculum                              Sites & Buildings
                                                                                                        (Health & Safety)
Mrs N Kersley Willaimson           Mrs Jenny Coombs                Mrs Kersley Williamson
(Chair)                                            (Chair)                                       (Chair)
Miss Beci Smith                              Mrs Helen Wawman                 Mr Rob Fry
Mrs Carrie Jones                             Miss Beci Smith                       Miss Beci Smith
Mrs Jenny Coombs                         Mr Craig Mackenzie                 Mr Craig Mackensie
                                                        Mrs Lacey Evans                                

Health & Safety                             Mrs Naomi Kersley Williamson
Special Needs                               Mrs Carrie Jones
Equal Opportunities                     Mrs Naomi Kersley Williamson
Child Protection/Safeguarding    Mrs Carrie Jones
DAG Representative                     Mrs Naomi Kersley Williamson
Early Years                                    Mrs Jenny Coombs
Whistleblowing                              Mr Rob Fry
Children in Care                            Mrs Jenny Coombs
Pupil Premium                               Mrs Jenny Coombs

Head Teacher’s Performance Management        Mr Rob Fry

St Giles on the Heath Primary School Governing Body meetings
Attendance for Sept 2016 – July 2017   We have a great team of people on our Governing Body with a wealth of experience and determination to make the school the best that it can be.