Our Topic in the Pre-School and Reception Class (Known as the Foundation Stage), is currently "Jobs." We are focusing on a different type of job each week. We started with looking at all the different types of jobs people do and talking about why people do jobs. 


We then had a week of learning about the emergency services. The children dressed up as ambulance workers, doctors, nurses, fire fighters and police officers. The children enjoyed matching the tools to the trades and acting out bandaging one another in the role play. In Reception, the children have loved being police officers, There has been lots of "cops and robbers" in the role play area. 


This week we are learning about working as chefs. We have linked this to our fund raising bake sale and the children have made chefs hats and enjoyed making biscuits, cakes and bread to sell after school. 


There are more exciting job related activities planned for this half term. If you would like to come in and show the children what you do at work, please let any staff in the FSU know. 


After half term, we will be focusing on the winter celebrations of Halloween, Bonfire Night, Divali and Christmas time.