Red Robins Home Learning

Hello everyone!


Hope you have all enjoyed the half term and this lovely weather we are having. 


We have been very busy for the last couple of weeks with the re-opening of the school and working everything out to make it safe and welcoming for the children coming back into school.


Today we have welcomed some of our children back and it was so lovely to see them again after such a long time away. We are still missing the children at home who are home learning and we hope you are all doing well and are having fun. We hope to see you all very soon and it has been lovely receiving your home learning photos. 


Things have changed a little bit behind the scenes as Abby is a bubble leader, along with Debbie C also being a bubble leader and Debbie D being our lovely cleaning butterfly who is helping with the cleaning of the toys and the toileting side of things. Myself (Debbie B) has taken on working on the school website- updating it for our lovely children who are home learning, coming up with a weekly challenge for you all to enjoy and participate in.


I hope you are all keeping well and if there are any concerns or you need a chat you can always contact myself or Abby and we can help you.


My e-mail is:




I look forward to seeing the photo's of your creation this week. 



Take care 

Abby and the Debbie's! 




Picture 1


Can you create a model using items around your house?


You could make your model based around items you have around your house?

or maybe you could make a character from a nursery rhyme- such as 'incey wincey spider' 



Some of the things you could ask your child whilst making:- 

 What would you like to make?

What did you use to make you model?

How did you make it?

Why do you like your model?



Don't forget to send them to Debbie












Our Challenge Photographs!

Our Challenge Photographs!  1 Debbie and Molly like reading in the afternoons.
Our Challenge Photographs!  2 The Daniel's share stories before bedtime.
Our Challenge Photographs!  3 Abby and Lynx the cat like to read outside!
Our Challenge Photographs!  4 Debbie and Skye sharing books at bedtime.
Our Challenge Photographs!  5 Debbie made a delicious lemon cake!
Our Challenge Photographs!  6 Abby made some different breads.
Our Challenge Photographs!  7 Deb.C's brownies, must be tasty, 3 pieces missing!
Our Challenge Photographs!  8 Abby's scotch eggs ready for the oven
Our Challenge Photographs!  9 Debbie and Skye made chocolate crispie cakes
Our Challenge Photographs!  10 Debbie and Chloe made some chocolate cupcakes
Our Challenge Photographs!  11 Abby made some orange and coconut buns.

Early Years Maths Activities - These are book related but you can do them without the book. There is a different activity each day.