Red Robins Home Learning

Hello Red Robins, 


I cannot believe it is the final two days of school!! Come the end of Tuesday (one more final clean until September!!!!!) we will all be hanging up our aprons, gloves and PPE (literally!!) for a well earned summer holiday!!!! Don't worry we will be back in September!! but first we will be having a nice, chilled break!! 


We are all hoping that this lovely weather will stay around so that we can all enjoy it at home smiley. I'm sure like many of you we will be enjoying some time outside in our gardens at home enjoying the weather, along with some gardening, reading, cleaning and all the other jobs we have got penned in for the summer holidays. 


We just wanted to say a big thank you to those of you that have been keeping us updated on all the brilliant and lovely things you have been doing at home, it has been lovely receiving your emails. 


We also want to say a big thank you to those of you that have been at school for the last part of term and how proud we are of you all. Coming into school really well and enjoying all the activities we have had on offer and adapting to the bubble system brilliantly!!! 


We are sad to see the children leaving on Tuesday, who are off to become 'big blue jumpers' and we want to say a big thank you for being fabulous red robins for the past few years and we wish you all the best!! Unfortunately we are unable to see you all due to the COVID-19, but we cannot wait to see you in September in your lovely new school uniforms smiley


We are also looking forward to seeing all of our red robins back in the pre-school in September- who have (no doubt) all grown up so much since we last saw some of you!! We cannot wait to see you again. Although the 'bubble' system will still be in place, we will become one big bubble so we can all play together and see our friends again smiley 


Have an amazing summer holiday and see you all again in September and we will be picking up our PPE once again (fingers crossed it will back to some sense of 'normaility' soon) 



Take care 

Abby and the Debbie's! 


Thank you Red Robins

Don't forget if you have any concerns or want to ask any questions- whether this is for activity ideas, help with next steps, etc then please do not hestitate to ask myself (Debbie B) by e-mail

or Abby by e-mail


Our Challenge Photographs!

Debbie and Molly like reading in the afternoons.
The Daniel's share stories before bedtime.
Abby and Lynx the cat like to read outside!
Debbie and Skye sharing books at bedtime.
Debbie made a delicious lemon cake!
Abby made some different breads.
Deb.C's brownies, must be tasty, 3 pieces missing!
Abby's scotch eggs ready for the oven
Debbie and Skye made chocolate crispie cakes
Debbie and Chloe made some chocolate cupcakes
Abby made some orange and coconut buns.

Early Years Maths Activities - These are book related but you can do them without the book. There is a different activity each day.