Reception Class Home Learning Activities

Hello home-learners!

It's the last week of planning!

Well done to all of you for keeping going through these difficult times! You have been amazing.


1. Write about what you did at the weekend. This will be a good activity to continue through the holidays. maybe you could keep a scrap book and write about days out or visits to family.

2. Write a menu for a "healthy food restaurant." Illustrate it with lovely colourful pictures.

3. Read your reading books. If you need some new ones, please ring the school and we will bag some up and put them in the foyer for you. (Children in school.... guided reading. Frisky.)

4. Invent a fun list of P.E. activities and write them down. Use your lists in P.E. to design a fun P.E. lesson.

5.Hand writing practice..... Practice writing the phonics words from this week's planning.


See weekly planning grid below


The last few pages of the White Rose Maths scheme at the bottom of this page.


1. When you have designed your healthy menu, make some of the foods for your family tea and play at being a waitress.

2.Design your own P.E. lesson and follow your own list of activities set up inside or out. e.g. an assault course round the garden, races with egg and spoon etc.

3. printing with paint and kitchen utensils, such as potato mashers, forks, a sieve, rolling pin etc.

4. Gymnastics. Practice your rollie pollies, shoulder stands, balancing, cartwheels etc. Put on a show for your family.

5. Choose all your favourite music and make a playlist. Then set up a room as a "disco" and dance, dance, dance!!!!!!


Take care, Charlie and Barney the dog!



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