Activities for Home Learning

Hello everybody!

We hope you are all well and enjoying your time together at home.

We will be keeping you up-dated with ideas for activities to do at home, indoors and out, bearing in mind, everyone needs to just spend time with close family and it's safest if children do not meet up with friends.


Reception class have all taken packs of work-sheets home with them to complete with an adult. Some Reception children have extra reading books in their book bags, too. There are also some good Apps out there to practice phonics skills and reading. When choosing phonics activities for reception, they are currently working at "phase 3" and beginning "phase 4."


If you are doing writing activities with reception, please encourage the children to "sound it out," rather than "spell it properly." Four and five-year-olds have only just mastered forming letters, learning phonic sounds and thinking of something to write, so they can't concentrate on difficult english spelling, as well. No matter how hard it is to read, encourage and praise their efforts.


Here are some ideas for Reception Class activities:


Write cards to family members around the country and post them.

Write a shopping list before you go.

Make up a story and tell it, while the adult writes it down. Then "act out" the story with family, or using toys.

Use toys to put on a "puppet show" telling a well known story or Nursery rhyme.

Share favourite story books and look for words in the book which your child can read, such as " Huff and I will Puff" in The 3 Little Pigs.


There are some great maths Apps out there. I will compile a list for you and put it up tomorrow. Numberblocks is on CBeebies and is an excellent maths programme for all of our pre-schoolers and Reception children.


Other maths activities could include :


Go on a shape hunt.Look for things around the home which are the shape of a circle, square, triangle , semi circle, oval , or 3D shapes, such as cube, cuboid, sphere, cone or cylinder.


You could get into counting. It's always good to call an activity a "challenge!" It makes it sound like fun, rather than learning! Challenges could be "Who can count how many stairs there are  / windows in the house / spoons to dry up / toys to put away ...... (do you see where I'm going with this?!)

Count in twos. First the children could match up the socks in the washing pile, then they could count them in 2s!

Practice counting in 10s, by collecting 10p pieces.Then you could move onto 5p.


Our topic at the moment is animals, so it might be nice to feed the birds and watch which ones come to the garden. Spring time is coming, so planting seeds and bulbs together might be nice, and look out for mini-beasts. Your children might enjoy digging up some worms in the garden and looking at them, or searching for tadpoles, if you have a pond .


Children love to be creative. Save your cardboard boxes and children love to use large ones for imaginative play, or small food boxes can be stuck together with tape, to make all kinds of homes / boats / trains / rockets.


Playdough is easy to make at home. There are loads of recipes on the web. I suggest the pan method rather than microwave, and when you think its gone really wrong because it's sticking to the pan and going all dry, KEEP STIRRING LIKE CRAZY!  It will be fine.... but hot!


I hope that's enough ideas for a couple of days.


Abby , "the Debbies" and I will be adding more, soon.


Take care,


Charlie Coates